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From Edith Cumbo, LKA parent:

In 2013 my son started 1st grade at his previous school.  My little boy who enjoyed going to school and being with his friends, suddenly after 4 weeks of school became very sad, withdrawn and depressed.   He would just sit at his desk, and later just completely shut down.   This was the beginning of an exhausting and emotional year for us.    We sent him to his pediatrician who was just as worried about him. He was sent to a psychologist  for counseling and then to a psychiatrist for medication for anxiety and depression at age 6. These 3 doctors recommended that I checkout LKA. I couldn’t bear to see my child suffer any longer, so I checked into LKA.

Our son was accepted to LKA in the fall of 2014.  It was a rough start at first, but after a couple of months, my little boy started coming around and finally out of his shell.  Slowly, LKA brought my little boy back to me.  He was excited to go to school, able and eager to learn and most importantly as time went on his self esteem soared.   LKA is a miracle to my son and a true gift to me.  When asked by others how my son is doing in his new school,  I would tell them our story and how LKA brought us out of our terrible storm.  We are truly blessed to have a school like LKA.

From Kristy Manuel, LKA parent:

A friend of our family moved her daughter to LKA when it first opened, she was in the same class as my daughter at her previous school, but I was reluctant to move her at first. Two weeks before the end of her first grade year, I was told that my child was immature, and it was normal for her to be held back.  The teacher and faculty tried to reassure me that this was the right thing to do, even though I was never aware that she struggled in any area before this date.  I pushed back and asked the school board if they would retest her after summer, to give her a chance to "mature" and attend a reading program.  She was able to move forward to second grade in 2013, but I was scolded that she would have to have an interventionist.  I watched closely to make sure this didn't happen again.  I addressed my concerns with her teacher, she assured me that she was doing great in September and October.  In November, she told me that she was falling behind and needed an interventionist and everything I was told that was happening in the classroom was not happening at all!  I still struggled with the choice to move her to LKA, but I didn't see the current situation improving at all, so we took a leap of faith!

Within the first week, I noticed a significant change in my daughter.  There were no more homework fights, she was happier, and she actually looked forward to going to school every day!  She is more confident and loves to read now. I have older step-children that struggled to get through school, and I made a decision that would never happen to my daughter and LKA is helping me make sure that doesn't happen!

Everyone is afraid of change, but this change was the best decision I could've ever made.

From an LKA student:

At my old school, I felt nervous when I had to read to my classmates and teacher.  I also wanted to learn cursive writing and they didn't teach it.  I could read fine at home and my mom would say it was good, but at school I had a hard time.  My favorite teacher is Mrs. Reling, she helps us learn cursive writing, math and self control.  I love PE and BLS at LKA.  I also love science, and I wish we could use liquids and beakers someday!


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