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Faculty & Staff

School Leadership

Our leadership team oversees curriculum development, admissions, daily educational operations, and student support services of the school. Each member of the academic leadership team has specialized training in our evidence-based teaching model and is a leader in the field of dyslexia education. This talented team maintains the Louisiana Key Academy mission while leading the faculty, students and parents in driving the school’s culture.
  • Heather Bourgeois, M.Ed.

  • Kayla Reggio, M.Ed., CALT-QI

    Academic Consultant
  • Josh Pitre, LCSW

  • Gayle Smith, M.A., CALT

    Academic Support Coordinator
  • Miles Baquet

    Academic Support Coordinator - Math
  • Ashlyn Harrison

    School Counselor & Dyslexia Specialist
  • Margaret Law, CALT

    Academic Support Coordinator - Academic Language Therapy

Faculty - Dyslexia Specialist Teachers

Our Dyslexia Specialist Teachers implement the most effective teaching techniques for students with dyslexia. They follow language principles with passion and an Academic Language Therapist mindset. Our teachers reinforce student development and growth and help build the self-esteem necessary for academic success. Dyslexia Specialist Teachers provide small group academic language therapy and serve as the main classroom teachers for language. They also provide a positive classroom setting for homeroom, transitions, lunch and recess.
  • Patrice Becnel

    Dyslexia Specialist Teacher
  • Portia Bradford

    Dyslexia Specialist Teacher
  • Meagan Gibson

    Dyslexia Specialist Teacher
  • Sarah Reling

    Dyslexia Specialist Teacher
  • Denise Sherman

    Dyslexia Specialist Teacher
  • Susan Van Biersel

    Dyslexia Specialist Teacher

Faculty - Dyslexia Specialists

Our Dyslexia Specialists focus on small group academic language therapy for the entire school day. They have received additional specialized training in supplemental evidence based instructional curriculums for the dyslexic child. Our dyslexia specialist team boasts speech language therapist, a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT), and CALT Practitioners. This exceptional team provides leadership in developing school wide initiatives and faculty.
  • Jennifer Billings

    Dyslexia Specialist
  • Alice Frank

    Dyslexia Specialist
  • Margaret Rhodes

    Dyslexia Specialist
  • Andromeda Love, M.A., CCC-SLP

    Dyslexia Specialist & SLP
  • Cydney Lorio, M.A., CCC-SLP

    Dyslexia Specialist & SLP
  • Patricia Tanner, M.Ed.

    Dyslexia Specialist
  • Lisa Card

    Dyslexia Specialist
  • Rachel Heard, M.Ed.

    Dyslexia Specialist

Faculty - Multisensory Math Teachers

Our multisensory math teachers implement teaching techniques designed with an Academic Language Therapist mindset. Students with dyslexia often struggle with identifying numbers the same way they struggle with letters. Our math teachers are specially trained by Marilyn Zecher, M. Ed and CALT, to deliver math principles in a way that effectively teaches students with dyslexia to reach their highest potential in math computation and problem solving. Our Multisensory Math teachers also teach science or social studies in a full immersion, project based settings called academic labs to maximize student engagement.
  • Thalisia Alexander

    Multisensory Math Teacher
  • Danae Brown

    Multisensory Math Teacher
  • Alice Devall, L.C.S.W.

    Multisensory Math Teacher
  • Portia Johnson

    Multisensory Math Teacher
  • Jennifer Jordan

    Multisensory Math Teacher
  • Cleopatra Shelton

    Multisensory Math Teacher
  • Charles Willis

    Multisensory Math Teacher
  • Damyionne Brown

    Multisensory Math Teacher

Faculty - Specials Teachers

Our specials teachers deliver science lab, art, physical education and theatre with passion and an Academic Language Therapist mindset. They are committed to supporting the mission of Louisiana Key Academy by implementing the most effective teaching techniques for students with dyslexia. Our specials teachers also support academic lab and cross curricular development.
  • Lesley Guzzardo

    Art Teacher
  • Anthony Johnson, MBA

    Science Lab Teacher
  • Nati Hardin

  • Darnisha Dunn


Our staff members are responsible for the daily financial operations, management support services, and administrative support functions that help fund and maintain the vision of Louisiana Key Academy. They work as a key part of our Leadership Team to ensure the school’s mission has the proper support needed to enhance the quality of the LKA culture.
  • Alyse Manning

    Administration Manager
  • Laura Willis

  • Story Baquet

    Student Worker
  • 3172 Government Street
  • Baton Rouge, LA 70806
  • (225) 298-1223